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Organic hygiene: go organic for a gentle safe everyday routine.

With this range of organically-certified products, your personal organic hygiene is safely maintained. They naturally promote a feeling of well-being and enhance general appearance.

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organic hygiene


A new generation of personal organic hygiene products is available: natural, environmentally friendly and with total respect for the health of the skin.

These organically-certified products contain a blend of first choice quality ingredients (plant extracts, virgin oils, essential oils, etc). Organic hygiene products gently cleanse all skin types and are completely safe for the skin.

All you need for your daily hygiene and well-being is here, extracted directly from nature.

Organic hygiene products available: soap, liquid soap, toothpaste, shower gel, shower shampoo, foaming bath and deodorant.

Brands of organic hygiene products available: Acorelle, Allo Nature, Anakae, Autrepart, Ballot Flurin, Bio Arômes, Bio for Men, Compagnie de Provence, Dermaclay, Jardin bio étic, K pour Karité, Les Douces Angevines, La Grange aux Herbes, Melvita, Natessance, Naturado, So Bio étic, Zvonko.

All organic cosmetics from the hygiene section are certified with the label: Cosmebio, Ecocert, Nature et Progrès.

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